The use of messaging now doubles telephone calls and is replacing email communication. It may now be time to realize that this is the new way to communicate with your team, distribution channel, students or clients. Tach is very serious about messaging: besides being immediate, mobile and easy to use, it helps you achieve your objectives.

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Instant communication between people of a same company or between a company and its distribution channel.

No more inefficient email chains or unopened e-mailings. Tach is an app conceived for communication between departments, large sales teams, retail chain sales points and the hospitality sector, among others, and for companies with a dispersed and extensive distribution channel.

Customer Experience


Engagement between a brand and its clients in B2B, B2C or influencer environments.

Start a new conversation with your client, add value and create relationships with the potential of immediacy, always respecting users' privacy. Tach is an app conceived to generate engagement with your clients and potentials, using group messaging to convey messages, where you own the information.

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Structured communication between students and teachers, between students or between teaching staff.

Manage daily work with your fellow teachers and with students. Organize documents and create working groups that enable oversight of individual or group projects. Tach is an app created for universities and postgraduate courses in training schools, whether physically attended or offered online.



Collaborative communication to listen, make proposals and share views in an organized manner.

Generate conversations based on new proposals, communicate with your colleagues and effectively steer initiatives. Tach is an app created so that professional schools, administrations and associations of all kinds can communicate as a group, respecting privacy and enabling those who so wish to remain anonymous.

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Available in app for Android and iPhone, complemented with desktop version.